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Build a Profitable & Purposeful Business that Works Around Your Life

Create a Business Fuelled by Your Passion

7 Months to Take Your Business Dream into a Business Reality

Month 1: Set yourself up powerfully to win in the game of entrepreneurship! Learn valuable techniques to overcome any limiting beliefs you may have so you become the *best* Founder for your business

Month 2: What are your vision and values? Learn how can your personal values help you stand out from the crowd

Month 3: Build a business model that works for you and your life!

Month 4: Discover who are your customers, where they 'hang out' and what they want that you're happy to offer them

Month 5: This month is all about knowing - and falling in love with - your numbers! Know how much you want, and have to, earn to create that profitable business you've been dreaming of

Month 6: This month, it's time to start creating your first product and start selling it! You will have a great 3-step process to bring your product to market and ensure you attract customers

Month 7: Discover what you can continue doing to change a customer into a raving fan, allowing you to keep selling and customers keep returning happy :)

All this content, including 14 LIVE webinars with Kate Strong & her team plus so much more for only


Join Kate Strong & A Supportive Community to

Create a Profitable and Purposeful Business

"Nothing changes, if nothing changes"

If you want a business that generates you income while also positively contributes to others, then you have arrived at the right place!

Whether you have an existing business, or you’ve an idea that you want to bring to life, there is a way to

create a company that's for profit, for people and for the planet!

No longer is making money & following your passion separate,

you can have it all and do good at the same time!

You Know You Want To Create a Change. But…

You know that you’re ‘OK’ where you are… maybe you’ve got an ‘OK’ job and an ‘OK’ lifestyle. But, you know you can do more than just ’OK’.

You’ve a business idea - you know you can add value to people out there and maybe you’re struggling to know what step to take first… or how to monetise your idea so you can live your dream life AND also help others.

Where Do You Start, and Who Do You Turn To?

There are many courses offering business tools to attract your customer. Yet, they are missing two key elements: YOU.

You are unique. Your business should a reflection of your personal skills, goals and passions.

The second element that is essential to achieving business mastery is TIME.

Time to absorb new business skills, time to reflect on how this applies to you & your idea and time to get in action. You also want time to come back and ask questions to a supportive community led by a coach who’s trodden a similar path as you.

This Course covers Everything you need to take a Passionate Idea and Create a Profitable Business!

Yes, it's important to earn a living - but also to remain passionate about what you do. If you link your business with what you care about, then there's no stopping you!

What's Included in Pioneer Of Profit?

#POP ensures you have adequate time to create a profitable and purposeful business. This isn't an overnight job, it takes time, focus and determination to achieve this. That's why #POP is over seven months of exclusive access to Kate Strong, to her Team and resources to bring your business dream to life.

Whether you want to create a business that will supplement your lifestyle, take your existing business to new heights or just starting in business, #POP will help you:


Guided Every Step

We share a step by step process that breaks down business areas into fun and manageable steps that arrive in your inbox at the time you need them.

Personal Support

Throughout the course, Kate and Team Strong are available to answer questions to ensure you stay in action and focusing on your desired business goals.


Immense value

This course is unique and has taken months of 'hard work' (we loved it really!) to create something special, something purpose-driven, something that works for you!


Easy-to-follow Emails

The course is delivered to your inbox at regular intervals giving you sufficient time to absorb, digest and apply to your business.


LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

Every month, we will be hosting LIVE webinars to answer your questions & coach you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Done-for-you Templates

Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to! We have templates for you to use to springboard your business forward.

Supportive Community

Be part of a proactive, caring and supportive family... forever! Once you join our community, you're a part of it for life.


Time to Learn & Apply

We specifically created this course to run over 7 months, so you have time to create your business without negatively impacting other areas of you life.

Structured Workbook

Our mission is to empower you with everything you may need to start your business through this interactive workbook.

Work with One of the Best Business Coaches in the World

A bold statement… yet there aren’t many coaches who are award-winning business-owners, World Champion in triathlon, bank-trained business mentor, double Masters in Engineering, Reiki Practitioner & a TEDx Speaker.

I care about my business impact and I also care that my company works for my life, yet there are many businesses focused on their bottom line, that they were paid even if consequences for others wasn’t too great.

"I’m on a mission to enable entrepreneurs to make a profit and do good in the world!"

And I do this through bringing together focus, clarity, nurture and compassion: A winning formula for anyone wishing to create a profitable business that works for your life and everyone around you.

How Does Pioneer of Profit (#POP) Work?

Unlike other courses, #POP ensures you have adequate time to create a profitable and purposeful business. This isn't an overnight job, it takes time, focus and determination to achieve this. That's why #POP is over seven months.

Whether you want to create a business that will supplement your lifestyle, take your existing business to new heights or just starting in business, #POP will help you:

Clarify Your Life & Business Goals

Get crystal-clear what you want to achieve in your life and for your business.

Define Your Business Vision

Learn how to succinctly share what you see possible for your business, your clients and (maybe) the world!

Create a Winning Mindset

Creating a profitable business is the 'easy' bit: Maintaining a profitable business requires a winning mindset... and you'll nurture this throughout the course


Charge What You're Worth

Know how much value you add to your clients and consistently charge the price you and your clients agree you're worth.


Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer

Be confident in knowing who you want to with and learn the steps to connect with them authentically.


Identify Your Personal Passion

You've gotta love what you do, and this makes you uniquely you.


Create Real Content

Start bringing your business to life with something real to sell to customers.


Know Your Numbers

Fall in love with knowing your numbers, know how much you need to make a profitable business and achieving your personal goals.

Own a Business Your Customers Love

Create something of immense value to your customers so they keep returning... and brining their friends with them too!

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